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Free Animated Wallpaper photos of the Hill Country and other locatons in Texas. 

These images were selected for their compatability with GT Ripple.  However, they can also be used as wallpaper without using the ripple.  About GT Ripple.




fogpondSM.jpg (16189 bytes)
Winter on Whitman Pond

along281SM.JPG (7526 bytes)
Along Hwy 281



smducksCAsm.JPG (52951 bytes)
San Marcos River Ducks

deercreekSMa.jpg (18001 bytes)
Deer Creek

inkslakeAsmA.jpg (16474 bytes)
Inks Lake

swansmA.jpg (14128 bytes)

whitman1smA.jpg (27639 bytes)
The Homeplace

highcreeksm.jpg (14398 bytes)
Water Crossing


GT RIPPLE: I created these wallpaper photographs specifically for the GT Ripple program This is small program which creates a Ripple animation on the bottom of your Windows desktop. The program is FREE.  The images are FREE. 

Download GTRipple.
I assume no responsibility for GT Ripple or any problems that may result from its use.