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ENCHANTED ROCK: These photos were taken approaching ERock from the north.  The best view is the last  as you would see it headed there from Fredericksburg.

From Lost Hollow
to the Center of the World
Story & Photos by IRA KENNEDY

Enchanted Rock, the geologic center of Texas,
is the hard core around which the land mass of the state formed. 
The rock is a billion years old and just being there makes you feel young -- unless you hike to the summit. 

John and I cruised by Enchanted Rock without getting out of Nigel the Land Rover and its air conditioned comfort.  Truth be told, we weren't crazy enough to hike around in an open-air walk-through oven.  

B.jpg (7557 bytes)ack in the early 70s we'd camp at The Rock when it was privately owned by Charles and Ruth Moss.  Most of the time we had the place entirely to ourselves, but that was before the Texas border sprung leaks from all sides and Flower Children realized that love wasn't exactly free.  Now, if they weren't trying to control the crowds they'd be over a million folks a year showing up.
aerial.jpg (23182 bytes)       John and I used to hang out at The Rock in the summer but we were younger and cooler, and the Earth had yet to really warm up to the world's passion for fossil fuels.
       During my third trip trying to corral this little opus, the temperature reached 111 degrees in Llano County, in far away France the heat claimed the lives of some 10,000+ people, and the glaciers in the Swiss Alps started melting at an alarming rate. Then, much to my surprise, I listened to Nigel the Land Rover's radio as Rush Limbaugh conceded the notion of Global Warming. 
       Actually, I reckon it's so hot 'cause of all the Hell raisers that have been populating Texas from the get-go. From here global wind currents spread the heat most anywhere.  Then you have your hotheads (which seem to be increasing) adding to the problem. 
       ( Back on topic...) You might be familiar with Enchanted Rock already.   If so, your head is likely filled with weird stories [long download] which scientists and other sane-prone folks try to explain away as natural phenomena.
       Good luck.
       Among the most unusual of these events are accounts of an audio anomaly which produces the distinct sound of ancient drumming. Apart from hearing unsolicited reports of this phenomena from four other people I'll fess up to having the experience first-hand.
       For several years I lived on the XLN Ranch adjacent to Enchanted Rock.  While hiking around looking for surface artifacts it happened.   The drumming sound came out of nowhere then faded in and out like a distant radio signal before it quit altogether.   I never heard it again.

geomap150.jpg (18226 bytes)       Since no scientific type has attempted to explain this little event, I'll lend a hand.  First, you take Albert Einstein's notion that gravity has a warping effect on space-time.   Imagine a large trampoline flat as an ironing board till you toss a really heavy object in the big middle -- like the 100 square mile Enchanted Rock Batholith -- pictured left as the dark red spot in the center of Texas. Now you've really put a dent in space-time and who knows what can happen after that? Just maybe drumming in that far-away time on the far side of the trampoline is suddenly within earshot.  Think about it, drink maybe a dozen longnecks and it'll all make sense.
       If you like that notion you'll love this:  On the summit of Enchanted Rock is a small, round geological survey marker that folks have been trying to pry loose for years.  They haven't been successful cause of all the pressure bearing down on it.  Should some fool succeed he'll discover it's really a plug over a serious drain which, like a Black Hole, will suck in everything.
       On our way to the Crabapple Community just up the road I tried out these theories on John who suggested I turn up the air conditioner figuring the heat was getting to my brain.
       While John and I were hanging a left toward Crabapple, Cork and I were approaching the Prairie Mountain Community when a heard of deer lit out for the timber on the far side of a field.
       "Jeez," I said, "there must be twenty or more..."
       "Seventeen," Cork responded casual like.
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       "Seventeen. Not eighteen? How are you sure?"
       "Simple.  I counted the legs and divided by four." 



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