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VIEWS FROM LITTLE ROCK: I could of stayed here all day shooting photos and

Little Rock Ain't Always in Arkansas
The next to the second largest granite dome in America
Story & Photos by IRA KENNEDY

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Y.jpg (7410 bytes)ou oughta climb Enchanted Rock at least once in your life, and if you're really clever you'll do so in your teens. My Grandma Rosa climbed The Rock at 74 years -- I'll be lucky to see the rock at that age.  Truth be known, the last time I made it to the top I nearly didn't.  Kevin was with me then too...
       "You gonna be alright Dad?"
1KevinV.jpg (19876 bytes)      We were just over half way, and from where I was sitting the summit arched high and far away.  Invisible.  Even if I made it to the top I wouldn't have seen much what with all them spots swarming around like bumble bees.
       My plan  --  some three years old at the time -- was to shoot a 360 degree panorama from the summit.
       "Ditch the plan, save your life," I was thinking as I gave Kevin the digital camera with instructions for the shoot. 
       Sitting there, trying to catch my breath, I wondered if I would ever see the summit again.  Then, a few minutes later, my breath caught up with me -- somehow -- and I made it to the summit. Kevin walked over with a smile wider than the distant horizon.
       "Better, huh?"
       "Well, I realized I had two lungs and I might as well use one of them."
       With that Kevin handed the camera for the panorama shoot.  ( You can see the result HERE.)
       On this day I elected to let Kevin climb Enchanted Rock alone while I climbed Little Rock.  From there I could get some shots of  The Rock -- I could see Kevin shooting video and writing in his journal as he sat on the summit. 
whatsthis.jpg (29581 bytes)       As planned, after an hour or so Kevin met me on Little Rock where we amused ourselves watching folks with next to no climbing experience scoot on their posteriors down the south face of  The Rock and spilling out into Echo Canyon.   Climbing experiences are like programming VCRs. ( Looks easy from the get go;  but turns ugly in a hurry.)
       As we meandered around Little Rock we came upon an odd looking contraption.  After contacting the park I learned the object was a solar powered radio repeater for communications between parks employees.  With a few granite domes standing in the way they can't exactly use sign language.
       Near the end of the five day campout the days began to run together like the eggs I was trying to fry sunny-side-up. (If at first you don't succeed just scramble 'em.) 
       By the last day we were both more than prepared for a warm house with sofas, easy-chairs, TV and a remote control.  Thanks to Kevin's help the packing up and hauling out was a mite easier which was a very good thing.  I was completely out of muscles I could abuse, joints that didn't ache and body parts to cut, burn or impale with thorns.      
       If you're planning a trip to Enchanted Rock this summer you should check out this article of mine and remember campsites are reserved well in advance. 

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