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FROM COMFORT: (1) I loved the look of the Rainbo Bread bench though I don't recommend leaning back against the rusted sign.  (2) Inside Ingenhuett's place with its collection of neat crock pots.  (3) The historic Faltin building with Nigel the Land Rover resting out front.

If you can't say something nice about someone, give them both barrells. That's what a feller I knew used to say. Course he didn't have many friends, and the ones he had ended up wounded in some way.
Story & Photos by IRA KENNEDY

Remember that phrase I mentioned awhile back? "Too close to Welfare for Comfort."  Well it seems Ms. Intrepid and I got too close to Comfort for Ingenhuett, but you'll learn all about that soon enough.


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A.jpg (3415 bytes)fter licking the chocolate off my fingers till they wrinkled up, like after a long swim or falling asleep in the bath, I spotted a neat old store about the same time as Ms. Intrepid.  Actually, I saw the old Rainbo sign on a sidewalk bench and the Ms. spotted the Fancy Groceries sign. There was plenty of parking space right out front so we let Nigel the Land Rover rest up a bit while we scouted out the Peter Ingennhuett Fancy Groceries Hardware and Implements store.
storesign.jpg (14443 bytes)       In the room off to the right there was plenty of neat old stuff expecially the shelf upon shelf of crock pots with butter churns way up on top.  I actually churned butter in my youth so those contraptions don't hold out much charm in my direction. Nearby there was a small glass display case with old timey photos of Comfort and a rack with drawings by locals.   Beyond that you're pretty much looking at an slightly stocked hardware store. 
       As we mosyed on into the "Fancy Food" section Ms. Intrepid walked over to an old feller who was sitting down and talking to a younger type standing near the door.   As typical, the conversation was moving kinda slow-like so Ms. Intrepid wasn't really interrupting when she asked the one and only question she will ever utter in that structure.
       First I need to clear up one thing.  That Fancy Food sign was really old and probably painted some time around the invention of tin cans. Maybe Ol Ingennhuett had some Gourmet potato chips somewhere but I didn't get a chance to brouse the little chip section cause about that time I looked up when I heard Ms. Intrepid. 
       "You the owner here?" she asked like always when she's trying to lure conversation out of folks.
       The old feller didn't look sideways. Didn't say nothin. He grunted and managed the slightest nod in the affirmative.  Now Ms. Intrepid didn't utter another word. This old goat was about as friendly as a fire ant mound so  I knew we were quitting this place. We were out the door and around the bend before Ms. Intrepid spoke up.
       "You heard what he said?"
       "The owner. On our way out he said, 'Its amazing the kinda trash they let in.'"
       "Well if that's what's really bothering him he oughta move outa state."
       Now, I never judge a town by such a small portion of the population, but the folks in Comfort ought put out a "Geezer Alert" every time that feller enters the city limits.
       While continuing our drive around town we came upon the Faltin Building.  We remembered this place cause they once advertised in the "late and lamented" Enchanted Rock Magazine. I was always too busy to visit back then, but now I wish I had cause its closed for renovation. You've gotta love these historic preservation types.   Without them our grandkids might think folks always lived and worked in unadorned structures.   I stood on the middle of the Main StreetTurnA.jpg (4971 bytes) to take the some photos of the place before turned back north toward the headwaters. 


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