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Pioneer cooking recipes has over 640 Texas frontier recipes
including old-time, down-home cooking tips and country household cleaning remedies,

and more from authenticTexas frontier recipes... Each section  below has a sample quote or recipe followed by a complete list of all recipes in that category and a link to that page.

Written on odd scraps of paper, old envelopes and the backs of cancelled checks, these recipes were discovered in an old kitchen cabinet purchased at a garage sale.   The recipes, dating from the late 1800s to early 1900s,  were used by the pioneers for canning, pickling, making preserves, cooking, bread making  and recipes.  You'll find everything here, from sandwiches to soups, vegetables, eggs , omelets , meats, poultry, game, fish, oysters, croquettes, cakes, frosting, icings, and fillings to some very interesting and usual pioneer household tips. Some of the household cleaning tips could have your house looking as clean as ever, almost as if you had hired a specialty cleaning service to come in and do the cleaning for you!  It's amazing how useful some of these neat tips and remedies can actually be.

Pickling | Canning & Preserves
Bread Making And Recipes | SandwichesSoups   | Vegetables
Eggs | Omelets | Meats, Poultry, Game, Fish, Oysters And Croquetts
Cakes, Frosting, Icings & Fillings | 236 Pioneer Hosehold Tips

"It is always best to use cider vinegar in making pickles as other kinds eat the pickles or make them soft. Vinegar which is too strong should be diluted with water. The vinegar should never be boiled but should be poured on the pickles hot as it comes to the first scald. If pickles are put into brine the brine should be strong enough to float an egg. A heaping pint of coarse salt should be used to each gallon of water. Never put pickles into anything that has previously held any kind of grease and never let them freeze. A good way is to put pickles in bottles and seal while hot. Put a slice or two of horseradish into the jar with pickles. It will soon sink to the bottom taking the scum with it and leaving the vinegar clear..."

Beet Pickles  |  Chopped Pickles  |  Chow Chow  |  Sliced Cucumbers  |  Dill Pickles  |  Cucumber Pickles  |  Green Tomato Pickles  |  Tomato Higdom  |  Mustard Pickles  |   Pickled Peppers  |  Sweet Pickled Peaches  |  Sweet Pickled Prunes  |  Gooseberry Catsup  |  Celery Sauce  |  Tomato Sauce  |  English Chow Chow  |  Tomato Ketchup  |  Damson Plum Catsup  |  Chowder (Very Fine).  |  Corn Sauce  |   Pickled Cabbage  |  Stuffed Peppers  |  Bordeaux Sauce  |   Piccalilli  |  Euchered Crab Apples  |  Small Cucumber Pickles   |  Spanish Pickle  |  " Dandy " Home-Made Pickles  |   Spiced Peaches  |  Canned Beets  |  Canned Cucumbers  |   String Bean Pickles  |  Mixed Pickles  |  Sour Cucumber Pickles   |  Chili Sauce  |  Cold Catsup.  |  Watermelon Pickles   |  Cucumber Pickles  |  Sweet Pickles, Pears, Peaches and Apples   |  Corn Salad  |  Mexican Chili Sauce  |  Pickled String Beans  |  Pickled Peaches (that will keep)  |  Cucumber Catsup  |   Tomato Catsup  |  Chili Sauce
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"...Preserves must be made with the greatest care. As soon as pared, peaches, pears, apples and quinces should be placed in cold water to keep them from turning dark. Many fruits, such as pears, quinces, citrons, watermelon rinds, cherries, currants, etc., harden when put at first into a thick syrup. To prevent this they should be cooked first in water of thin syrup and the rest of the sugar added later..."


Grape Marmalade | Quince Honey | Orange Marmalade | Cooking Apricots | Canned Corn | Canned Elderberries (Excellent) | Canned Beans | Canned Rhubarb | To Cook Cranberries | Preserved Cherries | Strawberry Preserves | Pear Chips | Gooseberry ConservesLemon Marmalade | Lemon Butter | Tomato Preserves | Pieplant Jelly | Canned Apple Sauce |TOP.jpg (2658 bytes) Canned Pineapple

"Southern Beaten Biscuit.--One quart of flour, a pinch of soda the size of a pea, 1/2 cup of sweet milk, 1/2 cup of ice water, 1 teaspoonful of salt, 2 heaping tablespoonfuls of lard ; mix to a stiff dough and beat until it blisters and pops. The success depends upon the length of time it is beaten..."


RECIPES FOR MAKING YEAST : Starter Yeast | Potato Yeast | Beer Yeast | Hop Yeast
BREAD RECIPES: Bread | Whole Wheat Bread | Entire Wheat Bread | Salt Rising Bread | Oatmeal Bread | Spinster’s Bread | Hotel Berry Brown Bread | Boston Brown Bread | Steamed Brown Bread  | Graham Bread | Raised Graham Bread | Steamed Graham Bread | Corn Bread | Katahdin Corn Bread | Fried Bread | Currant Bread | Cornish Bread | Gingerbread | Soft Gingerbread | Eggless Gingerbread
ROLLS: Parker House Rolls | Astor House Rolls | Cinnamon Rolls | French Rolls.TOP.jpg (2658 bytes)
BISCUITS: Soda Biscuit | Breakfast Biscuit | Southern Beaten Biscuit | Baking Powder Biscuit

"Apple and Celery Sandwiches. Chop very fine 1/2 dozen of the small inside stalks of celery and 2 large tart apples and sprinkle lightly with salt and then spread between thinly cut slices of buttered bread..."

SANDWICHES: Ham Sandwiches | Chicken Sandwiches | Apple and Celery Sandwiches | Club Sandwiches | Nut Sandwiches | Sweet Sandwiches | Salmon Sandwiches | Nut and Cheese Sandwich | French Sandwich | Pimentos | Egg Sandwiches
Crisp Chocolate Cookies | Fruit Cookies | Crumb Cakes | Taylor Cakes | Ginger Drop Cakes | Mother’s Caraway Cookies | Oatmeal Cookies | Scotch Cookies | Nut Cookies | Hermits | Molasses Cookies | Drop Ginger Cakes | Ginger Snaps | Ginger | Boston Cookies | Lemon Drops | Rocks | Peanut Cookies | Cream Cookies | Cornstarch Cookies | Cookies | Oatmeal Macaroons | Mince Crisp Cookies | Cookies(Mother B’s)
FRITTERS: Potato Fritters | Corn Fritters | Fried Cream Fritters | Oyster Fritters | Rice Cakes | Corn Fritters or Mock Oysters
DOUGHNUTS: Doughnuts | Improved Fat for Frying Doughnuts, Croquettes, Etc. | Raised Doughnuts | Snow Balls | Fried Cakes | Doughnuts (Fine)
GEMS: Graham Gems | Corn Gems | Wheat Gems
MUFFINS: Muffins | Corn Muffins
Currant Buns | Buns That Boys Like
DUMPLINGS: Drop Dumplings | Always Light Dumplings | Chicken Dumplings
CRULLERS |  JUMBLES   |  TOASTS: American Toast | Good Toast | Dry Beef Toast
GRAHAM CRACKERS  |   RUSKS: Scotch Scones / Apple Koker
GRIDDLE CAKES: Griddle Cakes | Corn Meal Griddle Cakes | Graham Griddle Cakes | Buckwheat Cakes | Egg Pancakes |TOP.jpg (2658 bytes)
Potato Cakes

"The fresher the eggs are, the better and more wholesome they will be. Eggs over a week old may be fried but should not be boiled. To tell good from bad eggs they should be put into water. The good ones will lay on their sides while those that turn with the large end upward are bad and should be rejected..."


Creamed Eggs | Egg Gems | Eyes  |   Baked Eggs with Cheese  | .Eggs In Tomatoes  | Egg Nest Toast | Deviled Eggs | Eggs a la Creole  | Shirred Eggs  | To Coddle an Egg  | Baked Eggs   | Bird’s Nest  | Curried Eggs  | Escalloped Eggs | Frizzled Ham and Eggs | Poached Eggs  | Fried Eggs | Scrambled Eggs  | Eggs a la Creme  | Eggs, Newport Style | Stuffed Eggs | Cupped Eggs  | Eggs a la Mode  | Buttered Eggs  | Egg Fricassee  | Dropped Eggs  | Steamed Eggs  | Frizzled Eggs   | Potted Eggs  | Eggs a la Suisse  | Eggs Brouille  | Pickled Eggs   | Eggs a la Bonne Femme | Breaded Eggs  | Lunch Eggs  | Frothed Eggs   | Eggs in Paper Cases



The yolks should be beaten lightly. Much beating will make them too thin and it is said that twelve beats is the magic number. Add the milk, pepper, salt and flour if it is used, and lastly add the whites beaten to a stiff froth.  The skillet should be as hot as possible without scorching the butter; after putting in a tablespoonful of butter the omelet should be poured in and it should begin to bubble and rise in flakes at once....

Omelet  | Potato Omelet  | French Omelet | Baked Omelet  | Jelly or Marmalade Omelet  | Ham Omelet

"...In mixing cake, do not stir, but beat it thoroughly, unless otherwise directed, bringing the batter up from the bottom of the dish with every stroke. Use a long handled wooden spoon. An iron spoon turns the mixture black. Never beat a cake in tin but use earthen or stoneware.  Remember that sour milk and soda go together; and sweet milk and baking powder go together; and that baking powder combines the properties of soda and cream of tartar and is always used alone..."

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: The Introduction to Recipes and Directions for Making All Kinds of Cakes, Frostings, Icings and Fillings. GO TO THE RECIPES

CAKE RECIPES:  Buttermilk Cake  |  Delicate Cakes  |   Grandma’s Cake  |  Economical Cake  |  Caramel Cake   |  Wedding Cake  |  Sultana Cake  |  Taylor Cake  |   Fruit Cake  |  Marble Cake  |  Myrna Marble Cake  |   Sponge Cake   |  Angel Food  |  Ice Cream Cake  |   Devil’s Food   |  Devil Cake  |  Jelly Roll  |   Quick Cake  |  One Egg Cake  |  Nut Cake  |  Plain Walnut Cake   |  Lemon Cake   |  Ribbon Cake   |   Gold and Silver Cake  |  White Mountain Cake  |  Filling   |  Hickory Nut Cake  |  Lemon Jelly Cake  |  Prince of Wales Cake  |  Icing  |  Angel Cake   |  Anna’s Cup Cake  |  Chocolate Cake  |  Frosting  |  Cornstarch Loaf Cake  |  Centennial Cake  |  Cocoa Cakes  |  Delicate Coconut Cake  |  Crumb Cake  |  Cheap Cake  |  Coffee Cake   |  Clara Follett’s Cake  |  French Cake  |  Feather Cake  |  Gospel Cake   |  Silver Cake  |  Lady Cake   |  A Cheap Fruit Cake  |  Black Fruit Cake  |  Farmer’s Fruit Cake  |  White Fruit Cake  |  Minnehaha Cake  |   Morangtarta  |  One Egg Cake  |  Queen Cake  |   Sunshine Cake  |  Tea Cake  |  Velvet Cake  |  White Loaf Cake  |  White Cake  |  Washington Cake  |  Cream Cake     |  Custard Cake   |  Custard  |   Chocolate Caramel Cake   |  Fig Cake  |  Cream Puffs   |  Breakfast Cake  |  Apple Cake  |  Pork Cake    |  Roll Jelly Cake   |  Chocolate Loaf Cake  |   Spice Cake  |  Johnny Cake   |  Maple Cake  |   Dolly Varden Cake  |  Good Almond Cake  |  Layer or Loaf Cake   |  Maple Caramel Frosting   |  Lemon Jelly Filling    |  Custard Filling
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"...Salt meats and meats used for soup should be put to cook in cold water; but otherwise, fresh meat should be put on in boiling water. Cold water extracts the juice while hot water quickly cooks the outer surface of the meat and so retains the juices. Put a piece of red pepper in the water to prevent the odor which arises from boiling meat and turn the meat frequently that it may cook evenly on all sides. Carefully remove all scum as it arises. The meat should be kept boiling constantly but very gently. Allow twenty minutes for each pound of meat..."

Beef | Mutton | Pork | Veal | Turkeys | Fowls | Ducks | Geese

RECIPES: Baked Veal Chops or Cutlet | Breaded Ham | Creamed Beef | Dressing for Stuffing | Veal Loaf | Beefsteak | Chicken Tamales | Braised Beef | Boiled Ham | Ham Pattie | Tasse Ham | Deviled Ham | Stuffed Leg of Pork | Veal with Oysters | Curry Chicken | Chicken Sauteing | Chicken Pie | Cleveland Chicken | Old Point Comfort Chicken | Chicken Croquettes | Chicken Cutlets | Chicken and Macaroni
GAME:   Pheasants, Partridges, Quails, Etc. | A Delicious Rabbit Fry | Rabbit Stew
FISH AND OYSTERS:   Baked White Fish | Boiled Fresh Fish | Clam Stew | Baked Codfish | Fish a–la–Creme | Baked Pickerel | Lobster a la Newburg | Oyster Dressing | Oyster Cocktails | Curried Oysters | Oyster Omelet | Steamed Oysters | Salmon Loaf | Turbot | Pigs in Blanket | Salmon Balls | Fried Oysters | Salmon Chops | Halibut Steak | Creamed Fish | Codfish Balls | Hollandaise Sauce | Escalloped Oysters | Frizzled Oysters | Baked Shad
CROQUETTESSweet Potato Croquettes | Oyster and Veal Croquettes | Potato Croquettes

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"...In making vegetable soups cook the vegetables separately and add to the soup just before taking from the fire. Celery seed will be found an excellent substitute for celery. The best herbs for seasoning soups are sage, mint, tarragon, sweet marjoram, thyme, sweet basil, bay leaves, parsley, cloves, mace, celery and onions.  Scorched flour or burnt sugar are used to color soups. Season lightly at first for more may be added if desired.   Never put soups or gravies in tin or copper and it is best to use a wooden spoon..."

Asparagus Soup | Bean Soup | Potato Soup | Tomato Soup | Noodles for Soup |  Tomato Bisque | Celery Soup | Soup Stock | Bisque of Oysters | Vegetable Soup | White Soup | Clam Soup | Split Pea Soup | Tomato Soup | Cream of Celery Soup | Bouillon Chop |   Beef Broth
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"Fried Tomatoes: Slice thickly some ripe tomatoes, dip in beaten egg and cracker crumbs and brown in skillet with hot butter, turning often. After tomatoes are taken out make a dressing by adding milk and flour to what remains in skillet. Pour over tomatoes. Salt to taste..."

Boston Baked Beans | Corn Oysters | Corn a la Southern | Baked Corn  | Corn Pudding | Celery on Toast | Southern Cabbage | Cauliflower | Egg Plant | Fried Mushrooms | Escalloped Onions | Baked Onions | Creamed Potatoes | Stuffed Potatoes |  Potato Fluff | Glazed Sweet Potatoes | Spinach | Squash Cakes | Salsify or Vegetable Oyster | Roasted Tomatoes | Tomatoes a la Spanish | Escalloped Potatoes | Potato Croquettes | Corn and Tomatoes | Stewed Onions | Fried Egg Plant | Potatoes | Escalloped Corn | Potato Rolls | Carrots with Milk Wash | Potato Puffs | Escalloped Tomatoes |  Stewed Cucumbers | Roast Pork and Lima Beans | French Stew | Fried Tomatoes | Corn Mock Oysters
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"To Remove Wrinkles:  Melt and stir together one ounce of white wax, two ounces of strained honey and two ounces of the juice of lily bulbs; apply to the face every night and it is said your wrinkles will disappear..."

WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT: Including various recipes of all kinds. This is a remarkable document reflecting pioneer life during the 1800s. You'll never guess how to make ink, but the recipe is here. "This ink is fine for records and deeds for it may be read hundreds of years hence."

Authentic pioneer recipes and pioneer cooking tips from the Texas frontier.  Over 640  down home country recipes the pioneers used for canning, pickling , making preserves, cooking, bread making  and recipes.  From sandwiches to soups, vegetables, eggs , omelets , meats, poultry, game, fish, oysters, croquettes, cakes, frosting, icings, and fillings to pioneer household tips.

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