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Search Engine Submission

Since your website was created many changes have occurred in the complex and confusing world of Search Engines. With Yahoo! purchasing Inktomi and Overture purchasing AltaVista and FAST, it is now even more difficult to get a top position in these search engines. You have got to leverage yourself above your competition in order to exceed in this ever changing search engine arena.

Many of the Search Engines now charge a fee for guaranteed inclusion. The submission price is not for a top position, it’s simply for a listing in the index itself. Believe it or not, some of them will take your money, guaranteeing only that your site will be "reviewed" — not listed. And you could be dropped at a later date for "spamming" or other violations. Robot type search engines (the most important of all) will fetch all this information from your Web pages so you better have a search engine friendly Web page to start with. Paying the search engines to get listed doesn’t give you a high ranking. First and foremost you must have a Search Engine friendly site.

Before your site is resubmitted to Search Engines the first step is to make sure your source codes are Search Engine friendly for "Robots" and "Spiders". When properly constructed we can actually control how these robots display your Web page in their search engines. With the proper source code you can have the robot display your Web page description the way you want it displayed (within reason of course). You can also help people find your Web page by providing keywords that describe your page and help drive traffic to your Web site. However, the restrictions on source codes have become more demanding and using all those key words allowed just a few years ago can now get your website dropped for spamming.

Based on my research using the latest recommendations and software, my analysis will include the following:

General HTML Analysis: Basic HTML Syntax Checking / Duplicate Tag Detection
HTML Title Tag Analysis: Syntax Checking / Oversize Checking / Multiple Title Tag Detection
META Tag Analysis: Syntax & Oversize Checking / META Tag Spam Detection / Multiple META Tag Detection

Once all of that is completed and all errors and optimizing accomplished, your website will be submitted to the following Search Engines:

• Alta Vista • Gigablast • Completeplanet • Google • Try America • AIT Mall • • • ExactSeek • Jayde Online • Scrub The Web • 2kcity • whatUseek • Starting Point • inktomi • REX Splat! • Web Trawler • Google Canada • verygoodsearch • • Northern Light • Alexa • micro2media • goisearch • Aeiwi • Intelseek • Nerd World Media • alltheweb • • • AltaVista UK • • • W8 Search • Claymont • Websquash • Google UK • • Cozycabin • TrueSearch • Traffic Auction • • Bingo Crawler • PeachPod • Prime Find • Beamed Search • Yahooligans! • OneSeek Website • Find • A2Z Solutions • Abacho • Acoon • Access NZ • • Voila Mirago • About Australia • Wombat

The Inktomi network provides 10’s of millions of searches per day and powers the search box found on the world’s top portal sites, reaching the vast majority of the US Internet population. This includes sites such as HotBot and Hotbot UK, Looksmart, MSN Network, Corporate Yahoo!,, Overture, ICQ and many others. Eight of the top ten Fortune 500 companies, along with 2500 others, have deployed Inktomi Search on their corporate intranets and public web sites. Through these leading OEM and Portal Partners you can reach a very large audience.

If you have a new website, or you haven't submitted to search engines in the last six months you may wish to pay for Priority Placememt.

A listing with the major Search Engines can dramatically increase your website traffic, but it now takes anywhere up-to 6 months for a new URL to be added. To provide a solution, PrioritySubmit has partnered with the major engines to offer a priority listing service. A priority listing GUARANTEES that your URL is added within 48 hours on most engines.

Inktomi   $39.00  Powers web based results on About, Corporate Yahoo, GOO, HotBot, MSN and many others. RECOMMENDED
AltaVista US 6mth  $39.00  AltaVista and its partners serve more than 50 million search queries a day, reaching more than 63 million users worldwide.
WebWombat  $17.00  WebWombat is one of the largest Australian portals.  

Some of the search engines listed above are the backbones for many other search engines? Sites like AOL,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many many more use one or more of the search engines listed above to satisfy their visitor’s search queries. This means that when your site is submitted to the above search engines you could easily be included in more than 1,000 search engines!

One-time submission: $75
Additional pages: $15 each.
Plus Priority Placement as stated above should you choose that feature.
This is the basic pass-through cost.
E-Mail Ira for further details


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