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Enchanted Rock Magazine in no longer in print.
You can order, via E-mail, back issues of Enchanted Rock Magazine. 
Enchanted Rock Newsletter began bi-monthly with Volume One. 
Enchanted Rock Magazine began with Volume One, Number Six which is out of print. 
All copies are $15 each, postage included.

NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS:  I am busy hyperlinking all of the articles currently available to you online.
In some instances the authors have not granted permission to publish on the Internet.
In other instances the authors have books in print and their articles published in ERM
cannot be reprinted due to copyright issues.

OUR BACK ISSUES AREN’T OLD ISSUES UNTIL YOU’VE READ THEM: You can order back issues of Enchanted Rock Magazine via E-mail from Enchanted Rock Newsletter began bi-monthly with Volume One. Enchanted Rock Magazine began with Volume One, Number Six which is out of print. You can send your order via U.S. Mail along with your check to Ira Kennedy, 907 North Bishop Street, San Marcos, Texas 78666.

The first year of publlication was in newsletter format. The articles were primarily on the history of Enchanted Rock. That information was updated, expanded and included in Vol 5. No. 4, November/December 1998.

Here are some articles from the newsletter currently on-line:
The Other History: The Smallpox Winter 1939-1840 by Ira Kennedy
River of Lost Identity: Phonetics Foiled the Real Name of the Llano River by Dale Fry

• Vol 2, No. 1: Historic Llano (Dale Fry), Do Other Enchanted Rocks Exist? (Jim Chude), Calendar in the Sky (Chris Alton), A Day of Adventure Climbing at Enchanted Rock (Gail Billings) , The Eagles of Lake Buchanan (Charles Tischler), The ’88 Eagle Count (Ira Kennedy), Colorado Bend State Park (Ira Kennedy), Fort Mason (Ira Kennedy), The Storytellers (Ira Kennedy), They Might Be Giants (Sonny Solis), Pioneer Artist in Fredericksburg (Ira Kennedy)
• Vol 2, No. 2:
On The Trail Of VisionQuest (Bill Fleming), Frontier Outposts: Fort Croghan (Dale Fry), Legend, Fact & Enchanted Rock (Ira Kennedy), Do You Take Enchanted Rock For Granite? (Jim Chude), Spring Star Trails (Chris Alton), Climbing Safely (Gail Billings), The Hidden Harvest (Ira Kennedy), Pancho Villa in the Hills of Texas (Alline Elliot), Developing a Sense of Place (Stefanie Kawecki), Tales of the Tonkawa (Charles Tischler), Quest For Fire (Sonny Solis)
• Vol 2, No. 3:
Burnet Gunfighters (Dale Fry), Grand Theft Comedy (Ira Kennedy), Hill Country Run (Smith Halle), The Last Winter Count (Ira Kennedy), Through the Jelly Glass (Charles Tischler), Llanite: Mystery Rock of Beauty (Dale Fry), With the Good, Comes The Bad, and The Ugly (Sonny Solis), And now, Class…(Jim Chude), The Stars of May (Chris Alton), A Visitors Guide To The Center of the World (Ira Kennedy), Fort Martin Scott (Dale Fry), Not Taking Granite for Granted (Stephanie Kawecki)
• Vol 2 No. 4: Reminiscence of TJ Williams (Barker History Center Archives, University of Texas), From Llano to Lone Grove (Gerry Gilbert), There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills (Jim Chude), You Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told You (Charles Tischler), Medicine Man Hill (Ira Kennedy), On the Trail of Miranda (Charles Tischler), Llanite: The Opaline Granite (Dale Fry)
• Vol 2, No. 5: Russians on Erock (Ira Kennedy), Of Souls and Silver (Steve Goodson), Dog Days on Erock (Charles Tischler), Reunion (Kenn Knopp), The Springs of Eden (Ira Kennedy), The Second Harvest (Charles Tischler), Crossing The Line (Stephanie Kawecki), Say What (Jim Chude), About The Last Winter Count (Ira Kennedy)
• Vol 2, No. 6: Haengerbaende (Kenn Knopp), Bowie 1 of 2 (Steve Goodson ), The Mystery of Babyhead Mountain (Dale Fry), The Blind Visionary: Founder of Marble Falls (Ira Kennedy), Starscapes (Chris Alton), Geologic Time (Jim Chude), Luckenbach or Bust (Charles Tischler)
• Vol 2, No. 7: Mail Order Goddess (Dale Fry), Prehistoric Pottery (Charles Hixson), Prowling The Hill Country (Charles Tischler), Bowie 2 of 2 (Steve Goodson), The Freethinkers (Kenn Knopp), German Intellectuals on the Texas Frontier (Ira Kennedy), The Sunniest Days (K. A. West), The Unexpected Territory (Stephanie Kawecki), The Continuing Saga (Jim Chude)
• Vol 2, No. 8: Get Lost (Ira Kennedy), The President and the Priest (Kenn Knopp), Ceramics in Central Texas (Charles Hixson), Prowling The Hill Country (Charles Tischler), Llano Man (Ira Kennedy), Madam Candelaria (Steve Goodson), The Ghost of Roundtree (Dale Fry), The Bowie Knife (Steve Goodson)
• Vol 2, No. 9: Drawn to Adventure (Charles Tischler), The Muses of Bulverde (Ira Kennedy), Poor Hoot’s Funeral (Dale Fry), No Natural Diplomat (Charles Tischler), Sheriff "Smokey" Klaerner (Kenn Knopp), Changeless Stonewall (Vicki Griffin)
• Vol 2, No. 10: London on the Llano (Charles Tischler), Come and Get It! (Steve Goodson), Six Mile Light (Dale Fry), The Native Americans Meet Their German-Texan Neighbors (Kenn Knopp), The Reverend Jonas Dancer (J. W. Wilbarger – 1869) Journey To Clicxlan (Cork Morris & Harry Hickman II)
• Vol 2, No. 11: Surrounded By Eagles (Charles Tischler), The Texas Cherokee (Ira Kennedy), Unsung Heros of the Alamo (Steve Goodson), Alamo Survivor David Kent (Dale Fry), True to the Union (Kenn Knopp), Where Sprits Live (Kelly Holligan)
• Vol 2, No. 12: Clicxlan, Part Two (Cork Morris), A Firm and Lasting Peace Forever (Waggoner Carr), The Runaway Scrape (Steve Goodson), J. Frank Dobie’s Home in the Texas Hills (Pauline M. Edwards), Trailing Bluebonnets (Ira Kennedy), Nimitz (Kenn Knopp)

• Vol 3, No. 2: The Walker Story: On the Way to Enchanted Rock (Annie Simms Walker), First Airplane Flight (Edwin W. Gibson), Last Living Witness (Kenn Knopp), Ridin’ to Click (Kelly Holligan), Ancient Stone Walls of the Llano Uplift (Charles Hixson), Gruene, Texas: Hill Country Tourist Mecca (Dale Fry), Retreat to Victory (Steve Goodson), Texas Country Music (Beau Burton), Whitewing Invaders from the South (Charles Tischler)
• Vol 3, No. 3: The Capture and Death of Geronimo (Waggoner Carr), The Effects of the Civil War Upon a Texas Family 1 of 2 (Elizabeth Whitten-Gann), A View From Across The Ocean (Arthur Wood), Sentinels of the Loop (Cork Morris), Ingram’s Walk Across Texas (Steve Goodson), The Vereinskirche of Frederichburg (Kenn Knopp), The Days That Shaped Country Music (Beau Burton), On Guard, Old Yeller Ain’t as Dead as We Thought (Charles Tischler), Dies Und Dass…This And That (Kenn Knopp)
• Vol 3, No. 4: Treasures of the San Saba (San Saba News), The Effects of the Civil War upon a Texas Family 2 of 2 (Elizabeth Whitten-Gann), It’s All Balcones Fault (Charles Tischler), The Teenager Who Helped Capture Santa Anna (Dale Fry), A Texan For the Music (Beau Burton), Trail Drives’ Hidden Dangers (L. Kelly Down), Paris is Nice, But It’s Not the Llano River (Constance Whiston), Smokey Klaerner (Kenn Knopp)
• Vol 3, No. 5: The Bloody Hands of Alice Todd (Lemon Squeezer), Roy Branford Inks – He Lived Life In High Gear (Mildred Inks Dalymple & Jim Inks), Two Cowhand Tales (L. Kelly Down), Crockett and the Panther (Traditional), A Tribute to Ferdinand Ludwig Von Herff (Kenn Knopp), Don’t Let all the Drought Reports Convince you the Hill Country has Dried up and Blown Away (Charles Tischler)
• Vol 3, No. 6: Get On Home Now! Go On! (Charles Tischler), A Tribute to Ferdinand Ludwig Von Herff (Kenn Knopp), Sisterdale (Ira Kennedy), The Maverick Brand (L. Kelly Down), Bigfoot Wallace 1 of 2 (Steve Goodson), A Cowhand From Llano (Ernest Turbiville), Lookin’ Back at Luckenbach (Beau Burton)
• Vol 3, No. 7: Hill Country Pearls (Ira Kennedy), A Cowhand From Llano (Ernest Turbiville), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), The Ranch House Demon & The Double Cross 1 of 2 (Kenn Knopp), The Night Daddy Found Elvis (Charles Tischler), Big Foot Wallace 2 of 2 (Steve Goodson), Last Day of Summer (Dyanne Fry Cortez), Jimmy Day: "A Country Music Architect" (Beau Borton), The Cat Branding (Mildred Vest)
• Vol 3, No. 8: Old Rip (Edwin Gibson), Wilt Thou Take Her For Thy Pard (Frontier News – 1925), Pardners Together: Slue-Foot Sue’s Wild and Wooly Wedding Day (Warren Lewis), A Cowhand From Click (Cora Melton Cross), The Ranch House Demon & The Double Cross 2 of 2 (Kenn Knopp), Looking For Lemon Squeezer (Ira Kennedy), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), Schubbert The Scoundrel (Cork Morris)
• Vol 3, No. 9: A Pony, A Map & San Saba (Peru), Buried Treasure in Hamilton County (Bill Mdurphree), A Cowhand from Click, Part III (Cora Melton Cross), Almost Eden (Ira Kennedy), Buffalo Soldiers 1 of 2 (Steve Goodson), Journey to the Past (Glenda Miller)
• Vol 3, No. 10: Born In A Perilous Time (Sarah Harkey Hall), Pardners Together: The True Story of Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue (Warren Lewis), Indian Raid in Burnet County (Geo. Holland), Marathon Run (Charles Tischler), Buffalo Soldiers 2 of 2 (Steve Goodson), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), Sunken Treasure of Lake Buchanan? (Jean Hackett & Robert Wilkes)
• Vol 3, No. 11: Building a Life on the Frontier (Sarah Harkey Hall), Fort Griffin Payroll Robbery (Edwin Gibson), Later Billy (Ira Kennedy), Pardners Together (Warren Lewis), The Camels of Camp Verde (Kenn Knopp),Buffalo Soldiers 2 of 2 (Steve Goodson), Two Men Desperately Wounded (Frontier Times), The Hanging of Bob Augustine (Lisa Waller Rogers), Prowling Big Bend (Charles Tischler), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), The Power of Freddy (Beau Burton)
• Vol 3, No. 12: Days of Toil (Sarah Harkey Hall), Grandpa Joe’s "Cold Trail" Hounds (Gary Brown), Pardners Together (Warren Lewis), Panning for Texas Gold (Ira Kennedy), Buffalo & Border Crossings (Charles Tischler), The Latin Colony in Texas (Kenn Knopp), Bluebonnet Forcast (Ira Kennedy), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), Spanish Treasure of Dry Pond (Bill Townsley & David Auldridge)

• Vol 4, No. 1: George Wilkins Kendall (Elizabeth Gray Hudson), The Legend of the Bluebonnet (Cork Morris), Tracking Bluebonnets (Ira Kennedy), The Roads of Texas (Randy Eads), Pardners Together (Warren Lewis), They Weren’t All Germans (Kenn Knopp), Goliad Revisited 1 of 2 (Steve Goodson), Cousin Dobbin’s Last Fishing Trip (C. F. Eckhardt), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), Indian Battle on Packsaddle Mountain 1 of 2 (Hazel Oatman Bowman)
• Vol 4, No. 2: Hold Your Fire (Indian Depradations in Texas/Wilbarger), Stone Age Grist Mills (Charles Hixson), The Highway Ghost of Blanco County (C. F. Eckhardt), A Riot of Wildflowers (Ira Kennedy), Indian Battle on Packsaddle Mountain 2 of 2 (Hazel Oatman Bowman), Goliad Revisited 2 of 2 (Steve Goodson), They Weren’t All Germans (Kenn Knopp), Pardners Together (Warren Lewis)
• Vol 4, No. 3: Tipi Etiquette At Kerrville (Dyanne Fry Cortez), Hog Tales (Ira Kennedy), Is the Ranger Gold Real? (C. F. Eckhardt), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), They Weren’t All Germans (Kenn Knopp), Hog Punchers & Hog Dogs (Hazel Oatman Bowman), Pardners Together (Warren Lewis), Song Writer of the Texas Hill Country (Beau Burton)
• Vol 4, No. 4: The TeX Files (Cork Morris), The Beginning of the End —The Republic of Texas (Ira Kennedy), 1845, The Twilght Year 1 of 2 (Ira Kennedy), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), Henry Graves A Criminal or Hero: (Gary Brown), Stampede Mesa (C. F. Eckhardt), Hunter’s Story (Bert Wall)
• Vol 4, No. 5: The Treaty That was Never Broken? (Ira Kennedy), 1845, The Twlight Year 2 OF 2 (Ira Kennedy), The Tribulations of Bill Porter (C. F. Eckhardt), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down), Grandpa (Judy Woodard), The 1844 Flag (Charles M. Yates)
• Vol 4, No. 6: Kriewitz & The Comanches (Glenn Hadeler),
The Mystery of the Lady in Blue (C. F. Eckhardt), Enchanted Rock and Debil Yack (Edwin Gibson), Disaster At Goliad (Steven L. Yuhas), Slue Foot Sue & The Next To Last Battle of Enchanted Rock 1 of 2 (Warren Lewis), Later Billy Comes Home (Ira Kennedy & Holly Scott), Cowboy Tales (L. Kelly Down)
• Vol 4, No. 7: Horned Toad Tales (Jim Harris), A Town Rich in Bohemian Spirit (Susie Kelly Flatau), The Werewolf of Devil’s River (C. F. Eckhardt), Mexican Mommas on Maternity Leave (Chris Solek), What Was the Alamo Flag? (C. F. Eckhardt), Disaster at Goliad (Steven L. Yuhas), Maverick (L. Kelly Down), The Next To Last Battle at Enchanted Rock 2 of 2 (Warren Lewis)
• Vol 4, No. 8: The Summer of ’39 (Buck Young), Patriot Pirates 1 of 2 (Steven L. Yuhas), Heaven is Going to the Flo Store (Marion K. Taylor), Horsesense (Edwin Gibson), History’s Longest Train Ride (C. F. Eckhardt), Show Me The Buck$ (Melanie Reed), Where Has All the Deer Gone (L. Kelly Down), Conan The Texan (Cork Morris)
• Vol 4, No. 9: Seventy-One Years in Texas (Thomas Knatcher), The Second Battle of the Alamo (C. F. Eckhardt), The Bonus (L. Kelly Down), A Comanche in Mason, 1997 (Ira Kennedy), The Best of Nunn (Gary P. Nunn), A Damn Yankee Comes to Leon County (Marion K. Taylor), The Electra Monoplane (David C. Morrow), Patriot Pirates 2 of 2 (Steven L. Yuhas)
• Vol 4, No. 10: The Doll House in Cuero (Susie Kelly Flatau), The Ghost Lights of Marfa (C. F. Eckhardt), Santa Claus in Overalls (Marion K. Taylor), Legacy in Stone (Ira Kennedy), A Cowboy Christmas Turkey (L. Kelly Down), The King of Texas Deerhunters (Kenn Knopp), The Traildusters (W. C. Brown), A. F. Moss: The Ranchman 1 of 2 (Hazel Oatman Bowman)
• Vol 4, No. 11: The Chicken War of 1719 (Gary Brown), Bob Wills: The Legend with a Fiddle (C. F. Eckhardt), The Bowie Mine—A Literature Review (Bill Townsley), When Do We Die? (James E. Cornett), My Life in the Big Bend (Kirby Warnock), The Taking of San Antonio 1 of 2 (Steven L. Yuhas), The Legend of the Bell Bucks (Pam Moorman) A. F. Moss: The Ranchman (Hazel Oatman Bowman)
• Vol 4, No. 12: L’Affaire d’Hog (C. F. Eckhardt), The Pig War (Gary Brown), Life Ain’t No Rehersal (L. Kelly Down), Hamilton Collins Soda Fountain and Malt Shop (Susie Kelly Flatau), Seasons of My Youth (Buck Young), The Taking of San Antonio 2 of 2 (Steven L. Yuhas)

• Vol 5, No. 1: Get Along Ranch (Diana Finlay), Travis’ Complaint (Charles M. Yates), Trail Ride Graves (L. Kelly Down), A Scalping and A Vision (Steven L. Yuhas), Lacey’s Take (Holly Scott), The Murder Maverick (C.F. Eckhardt), The Legacy (Pamela Taylor Moorman), The Jaybird-Woodpecker War of Fort Bend County (Gary Brown), The Price of the Sweetest Honey (Marion K. Taylor)
• Vol 5, No. 2: The History of Blanco County 1 of 2 (Jean Cox Stanley), Two Texas War Stories (Wes Williams), Meet "Bet-a-million Gates" (Jeff Carroll), Tastes of Summer: A Family Garden (Diana Finlay), Terror In the Hills/The Mason County Hoodoo War 1 of 2 (Glenn Hadler), Scalped Alive (C.F. Eckhardt)
• Vol 5, No. 3: Jupiter’s Stair (Cork Morris), The Elusive Chanas of the Llano Uplift (Jerry C. Drake), The History of Blanco County 2 of 2 (Jean Cox Stanley), Terror in the Hills 2 of 2 (Glenn Hadler), Adventure to the Past (Christine Varnell & Verna Mae Holland), Square Mays and the Sow that Made Mischief (C.F. Eckhardt), When The Nickel Was King (Bill Bridges), That Ol’ Black Magic/Cast Iron Cookware (Diana Finlay)
• Vol 5, No. 4: The History of Enchanted Rock (Ira Kennedy)
Includes: Preface & Introduction, The First People, The Imaginary Frontier, Gone to Texas, William Kennedy’s Texas, Jack Hays, The New Promised Land, The Open Frontier, Pioneer Artist, Into the 20th Century, + Legend, Fact & Enchanted Rock
• Vol 5, No. 5: The Flood of ‘98 (Diana Finlay), A Tribute to C.F. "Charlie" Eckhardt includes: The Stagecoach, The Other Texas Rangers, did Lincoln’s Assassin Hide in Texas?, The Thang, The Wail of the Wampus Cat, The King’s Texan and The USS Texas (All by C.F. Eckhardt)

Enchanted Rock Archive Articles
Legacy in Stone: A Primer on Texas Arrowheads
by Ira Kennedy
December 2021: The Mayan Calendar by Ira Kennedy
The Mysterious Spider Rocks of Texas, Part 1 of 3 by Bill Townsley
The Mysterious Spider Rocks of Texas, Part 2 by Bill Townsley
The Mysterious Spider Rocks of Texas, Part 3 of 3 Parts   by Bill Townsley
Cowboy Colors & Cowboy Bars: by L. Kelly Down
Pioneer Cooking. Hundreds of authentic pioneer recipes.