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The Dance of Duality

"All of us living beings belong together, in as much as we are all in reality sides or aspects of one single being, which may perhaps in Western terminology be called God while in the Upanishads its name is Brahman."   --Erwin Schrodinger.


Life is a dance of dualities.  We are intended to dance with each other, not one on top of the other.  In the Great Ballroom there are many couples dancing.  Each dance is different but the music is the same.  One leads expressing its own experience, but dances with the other which follows with joy not submission.  The Other is all others who have another aspect of themselves on the floor, leading.  The band is The Great Sacred Mystery, and the Music of the Spheres is the tune.  It is not  required  to give up what you are, but to honor that which you are not.

All black or all white is without form.  It is the interplay between light and dark that gives shape to all things.  Between the two they reveal that which otherwise would be hidden from awareness.  That is the synergy of duality.  Light and dark, good and evil, male and female, up and down, in and out, this and that are but aspects point to the wholeness of being.

The point is to live with the awareness of duality, not to function out of one side or the other.  Contained within each is an aspect of the other.  What is the meaning of light without also the reality of darkness?  Is anything sweet if nothing is sour?   Without the interplay between hot and cold, one or the other would be absolute and intolerable.

Even the human brain is subject to the duality between the two hemispheres.  The left side is rational and analytic, the right is intuitive and synthesizes.  It is the left side that is responsible for the comprehension and expression of language... it defines what we know with hour heads.  The right tells us what we know with our hearts.

There is a tendency in individuals and cultures to favor one hemisphere of the brain over the other.  In Plains Indian sign language one touches the heart to say "I know".  We Westerners touch our heads.  Both are right.  These cultural differences do not imply that one approach is devoid of  knowledge and the other of  feeling.  Right brain, left brain, right handed, left handed.   Now is the time for the ambidextrous.